Open Call 2015

Spring Sessions | Open Call for Participation
A learning program for artists and cultural practitioners

1 March – 13 June, 2015
Location: The Studio, Amman, Jordan
Organized by: Noura Al Khasawneh and Toleen Touq

Deadline for applications: 15 February 2015

The Spring Sessions is an intensive experiential pedagogical program in Amman—a communal learning experience and arts residency program bringing creative practitioners together to create and share a body of cultural knowledge.

The program seeks to facilitate dialogue between emerging and more-established cultural practitioners based in Amman or abroad. It aims to introduce participants to the working skills necessary to their arts practice, while simultaneously encouraging them to question existing artistic and cultural paradigms by experimenting outside of traditional modes.

The 2015 program is inspired by a desire to thoughtfully engage with contemporary Amman, allowing its intricacies and situations to inform our imaginations and cultural practice. The invited artists—individuals and collectives alike—will conduct workshops addressing a broad range of issues, from urbanization and public space to migration and collective memory. The participants, either collaboratively or individually, will work to research and creatively realize ideas arising from these sessions.

The workshops will be complemented by: a process of continuous mentoring by the organizers and invited guests helping participants situate their practice contextually and sustain it in the long run; a comprehensive workshop on writing asking participants to synthesize the results of the program sessions and develop their practical expressive skills; as well as a series of film screenings related to and variously reflecting upon the workshop sessions. In addition to its curated content, the program will nonetheless maintain enough flexibility to allow for spontaneous explorations or activities as suggested by the group.

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More information on these workshops will be released shortly.

Further workshops and seminars are to be confirmed.

The Spring Sessions will take place from 1 March, 2015 to 13 June, 2015.
Participants will meet 3 to 4 times per week, often on the weekends, with a one-week break every month.
The program consists of a combination of workshops, talks, mentoring sessions, site explorations, film screenings and dinners. Participants are expected to develop a personal project during the program, to be finalized for the open day of the program on 13 June, 2015.

Workshop sessions:
1 -7 March:                Induction Week
8 -14 March:              Failed Architecture
15 March – 4 April:     Asun Molinos-Gordo
12 – 24 April:              Åbäke
27 April – 3 May:        Ahmet Ögüt/The Silent University
17 – 31 May:              Michael Rakowitz
31 May – 12 June:     Production of personal projects
13 June:                     Open Day

Regular sessions throughout the program:

  • Mentoring sessions with Noura Al Khasawneh, Raed Ibrahim and Toleen Touq
  • Writing workshop with Yaser Al Amad

Participants are expected to partake in all sessions.

The detailed program, including final dates and times, will be communicated to participants during induction week.


Interested applicants should see this program as a chance to develop their practice and creative process. The program aims to create an environment where organizers, participants and resident artists work in a collective effort to engage in our immediate environments. Resident artists have been invited based on their collaborative and process-based methods of working. We are therefore looking for participants who are interested in seeking new tools for their creative development, individually and in collaboration with others. We are further looking for participants who look for inspiration in the everyday, and want to be part of an environment of debate and critique. We encourage applications from artists or cultural practitioners in any discipline. The

Spring Sessions will be accepting a maximum of 15 participants. A registration fee of 70 JOD per month will be used towards covering the cost of meals, production for individual projects and other administrative costs related to the organization of the program.

Application procedure
Please submit all of the following, in one Word or pdf document, to by 15 February, 2015:

  • Name, email address and contact number
  • Bio (250 words)
  • A paragraph explaining why you would like to take part in this program (100 words)
  • A proposal for a project you would like to develop during the Spring Sessions (250 words)
  • Samples of your most recent work (up to 10 pieces) in image or text form. If not applicable, please send us a detailed CV including relevant experience. You can send these samples in one document separate from the above requirements.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Informal interviews with the organizers will take place from 16 – 20 February.

Successful applicants will be notified by 21 February at the latest.

Proficiency in Arabic and English, as workshops will be conducted in both languages.

Further Information
If you require further information or have any questions, email us at or call us on 0779335778 or 0795290230.

To learn more about our program:
Read the Spring Sessions’ 2015 concept note
Visit our Facebook page



  1. mohammed

    how should i apply and is it financial fully paid .. as internship
    thank you so much


  2. Hello Mohammad, You can apply by sending your application in Word or PDF format to by 18 February 2016 (requirements and details are mentioned in the post above). This is not a paid internship, accepted participants will be expected to contribute a registration fee of 70 JOD per month.


  3. RUBA

    Does this program cover artist’s expences and accommodation ??


  4. Hi Ruba, unfortunately the program does not cover every participants expenses, but we do have some scholarships and are happe to help in finding accommodation. Please email us for more information at


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