2014 Facilitators الميسرين

1st Edition Facilitators

Basma Alsharif بسمة الشريف
Doppleganging الإزدواج
Basma Alsharif is a nomadic artist/filmmaker born to Palestinian Parents. Basma was born in Kuwait, raised in France, followed by the US where she received an MFA in 2007 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, she has since developed her practice between various cities in the Middle East and Europe. Basma’s works have shown in solo exhibitions, biennials, and film festivals internationally including YIDFF, the Jerusalem Show, TIFF, the Berlinale, Videobrasil, and Manifesta 8. She won a Jury Prize at the 9th Sharjah Biennial, was awarded the Fundacion Botin Visual Arts grant, received the Marion McMahon Award at the Images Festival in Toronto, and was a guest of the Flaherty Film Seminar in upstate New York. Basma is represented by Galerie Imane Fares in Paris France and her works are distributed by Video Data Bank. She will be a resident of the Pavillon at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris from November 2014-June 2015.

Eric Gottesman اريك غوتسمان
Regarding Others
Eric Gottesman is a photographic artist and organizer. Central to his practice is collaboration. Seeking to engage others in conversation and critical thought about the social structures that surround them and him, he works slowly, often spending a long time in a community, and exhibits work locally to an audience determined by the work’s co-creators. He studied politics and economics and, later, art. In 2003, he was named one of the top 25 young American photographers. He has earned a Fulbright Fellowship in art as well as awards from the Magnum Foundation, Artadia, the Aaron Siskind Foundation, apexart, the Open Society Foundation and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. He has taught at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Amherst College, the International Center for Photography, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston and in collaborative workshops in Lebanon, Jordan and Ethiopia.

James Webb جيمس ويب
Ways of Listening طرق اإلستماع
James Webb is a South African interdisciplinary artist and experimental musician. His work, framed in large-scale installations in galleries and museums, or as unannounced interventions in public spaces, often makes use of ellipsis, displacement and détournement to explore the nature of belief and the dynamics of communication in our contemporary world. His work has been presented around the world at institutions such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, CCA Kitakyushu in Japan and Darat al Funun in Amman, as well as the 2013 Biennale di Venezia, the 2010 Marrakech Biennale, the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival and the 2007 Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon.

Lamia Alraei لميا الراعي
Ethnography of Downtown Amman اثنوجرافيا وسط البلد، عمان

Liane Alghusein ليان الغصين
Book Orchestra أوركسترا الكتاب
Liane Al-Ghusain is a writer, teacher, cultural organizer and Virgo-Libra with Sagittarius rising, working in the Middle East arts & education field. She received her BA and MA in English literature, creative writing and gender studies from Stanford University.

Nicholas Jeeves نيكوالس جيفس
Imagined Worlds
Nicholas Jeeves is a designer, writer, artist and lecturer–or as he prefers to say, “I work with words and pictures.” He has tutored art and design students at the University of Bedfordshire, the University of Northampton, Milan’s Accademia di Comunicazione and Ankara’s Baskent University, as well as helping to develop D&AD’s Student Awards briefs and serving on its jury. He is currently lecturing at Cambridge School of Art. His clients include Saatchi & Saatchi, The Henry Moore Foundation, Atelier Xavier Veilhan, The Public Domain Review and the UK Film Council. Although he continues to work as a graphic designer, his practice is now taking a more speculative approach which looks at the role of narrative in art and design culture.

Ola Khalidi علا الخالدي
The One-To-One Session Affair الجلسة  الخاصة
Ola Khalidi works in the arts as an organizer, curator, and collaborator. She is a founding member of Makan, an ever-redefined project, art space and collective based in Amman, San Francisco and anywhere in between. She received an MA in curatorial practice from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco in 2012.

Omar Nagati عمر نجاتي
Mapping The Urban Landscape تخطيط المشهد الحضري
Omar Nagati is a practicing architect and urban planner who lives in Cairo. Having studied at UBC, Vancouver and UC Berkeley, Nagati adopts an interdisciplinary approach to urban history and design, and engages in a comparative analysis of the question of urban informality in developing countries. He teaches part-time Urban Design Studio at the MSA University in Giza and has recently cofounded CLUSTER (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research), a new platform for critical urban research and design initiatives downtown Cairo (www.clustercairo.org).

Raed Ibrahim رائد ابراهيم
Art & Politics الفن والسياسة
Raed Ibrahim is a visual artist living and working between Amman and Beirut. He studied drawing and painting at the Lebanese University in Beirut, afterwards obtained a Masters of Art in Public Spheres from ecav in Sierre, Switzerland. He has held solo exhibitions at Zico House in Beirut (2001), FCC, Amman (2007), Makan and Darat al Funun in Amman (2009), Prohelvetia in Aarau, Switzerland (2009), Artellewa in Cairo (2010), Hainfeld Castel in Feldbach, Austria (2011), Cart Blanch, Amman (2012).  He has participated in numerous artist­in­residence programs around the world.

Rheim Alkadhi ريم القاضي
Museum Of Objects متحف األشياء
Rheim Alkadhi is an artist who operates in narrative and visual fields via digital ephemera, social interventions, and by investigating the qualities of solid matter. She is currently based in Beirut.

Shireen Talhouni شيرين تلهوني
FLOCK: Consent, Tension and Group Dynamics فلوك: التوافقية، التوتر وديناميات الجماعة
Shireen Talhouni is a qualified architect and contemporary dancer. She completed her RIBA part II at London Metropolitan University under David Grandorge and her dance training at the Laban conservatoire of music and dance. She is a founding member of the Flock Collective.

Tony Chakar طوني شكر
Art & Philosophy الفن والفلسفة
Tony Chakar is an architect, writer and artist. His most recent solo work includes the lecture/performance The Space of Nūn (2013); The Sky Over Beirut (Walking Tours of the City) (2009) at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, Lebanon; and The Eighth Day (2008), an ongoing project also in the form of a lecture/performance. Some of the group shows that have featured his work are The Dialogue that Is Us (2013) at the 11th Sharjah Biennial in the United Arab Emirates; One Hundred Thousand Solitudes (2012) at Meeting Points 6, shown in Beirut, Lebanon, Berlin, Germany and Athens, Greece; An Endless Quick Nightmare(2011) at MED11 in Medellín, Colombia. Chakar has also contributed to art and architecture magazines and is a professor of art history and architectural history at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA-UOB) in Beirut.


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