Museum Of Objects متحف الأشياء

Museum Of Objects متحف الأشياء

Downtown Amman is our arena. Details of its refugee populations, its architectures, and its circulating objects will be accessed by looking at, touching, and reimagining the city. We will walk into the city on Friday when Amman turns into a grand urban museum of resale objects and human interactions.

We will use the King Ghazi Hotel as an example of our aspiration: giving a new story to a transitory ‘object’, that place of visiting ideas, the rest spot, the hotel. Here at the hotel, narratives may stop and stay the night, they might stay forever in the city, or they might disappear, finding refuge elsewhere.

In the workshop space we will try combining collected materials from our walk with different narratives generated collaboratively. We will develop a new urban document of Amman. We will intervene in order to lift away dominant histories, and to expand the urban imaginary.

Activities: walking, looking at the city, gathering materials, generating collaborative narratives, presentation.


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